Darccy gives you tips on how to do a winged eyeliner ♡


"Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late" tweeted Carrie_Br4dshaw . And it is true, oh so true! Because what is harder than to get two wings that look the same? First world problem, yes, but a problem nevertheless. 

First of all - what kind of eyeliner to use? Liquid? Eye pen? Gel? Or maybe one of those liquid ones that are almost like markers?! We prefer liquid or gel liner, but it is completely subjective. Anyway, here are a few tricks to make the process easier. 

We like to start on the middle of the lid, and to make the eyeliner a bit thicker at the end of the eye than in the inner corner. When it comes to creating the lid, we use two different methods depending on eye shape and what style is desired.


Method number 1:

Draw the wing out as if it is an extension of the line you've already drawn along your lashes. Close your eyes, and follow it. This should create a wing which tilts, how much depends on your eyes. 


Method number 2: 

Draw the wing as if it is an extension of your lower waterline, starting at the corner of your eye, which it looks as if Lana did on the picture above. This will create a sharper tilt, which will create a more dramatic look. 


Hopefully this helps you! The key is simply to follow an already existing line, as your face already is somewhat symmetrical. Good luck! x

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